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St John’s Pre-Prep School admits pupils from three years old irrespective of race, colour or creed.  All applications will be treated in an equal manner.  Places will be offered subject to availability and whether the School feels that the child’s development is in-line with the School’s expectations.


Most children are admitted to either the Nursery or Reception classes dependant on their age as at 31 August.  We do expect all children entering Nursery to be toilet trained.  Entry to the school at other points is possible if space is available, although we will ask to see reports from previous schools and to meet the child to assess suitability. Class sizes are typically less than 20 but we reserve the right to increase slightly above in certain circumstances.



Date of Birth







1 Sept  2015- 31 Aug  2016




1 Sept  2014 - 31 Aug  2015




1 Sept  2013 - 31 Aug  2014



Year 1

1 Sep 2012 -  31 Aug  2013


Year 1

Year 2

1 Sept  2011 – 31 Aug 2012

Year 1

Year 2


1 Sept 2010 – 31 Aug 2011

Year 2




Children mainly start at the beginning of the academic year (September). They can be admitted in January or April according to their age and availability of places.

Children are eligible for admission to Nursery when they are 3 years old. Their 3rd birthday will have fallen before 31st August in the Academic year, before they hope to join the school.






We do not accept Registrations until the parents have been on a tour of the school.  Tours are fortnightly on a Thursday at 9.30am.  They last for about one hour.  Extra tours are added when necessary and private tours can also be arranged.  It is preferable both parents visit the School before registering.  Tour groups are limited so parents are advised to telephone the school office to book a tour.

For booking a tour call on +44 (0) 20 7722 7149 or email us by clicking here.



Registrations can now be undertaken online at but you will be expected to join a school tour.   Registration Forms can be accepted any time from birth, although we do not insist on this as three years is a long time.  Places are offered on a first-come-first-served basis, therefore earlier registrations can be most confident of receiving an Offer of Place.

On receipt of a Registration Form & Fee we will send you confirmation your child is on our list or waiting list.



You will be invited to a meeting, preferably with your child, to discuss our mutual expectations.



Places are offered up to one in year advance.  Places can be offered even further in advance by special arrangement.

Parents will receive a Letter of Offer.  This will set out how long the offer is open to you (usually about 15 days), terms and conditions, special conditions (if any) and the Acceptance Form.

To accept and secure a place parents must sign and return the acceptance form along with the Reservation Fee. The Reservation Fee is set against the fees of the pupil’s last term in Year Two.  See terms & conditions for full details regarding withdrawal prior to the end of Year Two.

The Reservation fee is not refundable in the event of a pupil not joining the school.



Parents are required to pay the first term’s school fees in June of the year their child will enter the school.



If we do not offer your child a place, it is because to do so would prejudice the education of other children by allowing the numbers of children in the school to increase beyond that of the optimum for the class size.  Children will remain on the waiting list until a place becomes available or we are informed you no longer wish the children to on the waiting list.


 Updated: June 2015